Website Live + Our Recent Site Visits

The new look website is now live online at the usual address

With some new features in place, and also fully functioning features that were in place before, we should now be able to cater to your every need.

Let’s give you a quick explanation of what’s on display at our Projects Page..


The image above shows a quick breakdown of the Projects Page.
Starting at the top left, this is the natural view of the page, displaying all projects in alphabetical order with the category they belong to listed below it.

As you can see, some of the projects listed have a small camera icon next to its name, this lets the user know a gallery image is available to view. Once clicked the image will pop up also displaying column and floodlight information below.
Column and floodlight information, if known, is also shown when the cursor is hovered over a project.

Arguably the most important part of the page is the content filter. The user can use 3 separate filters to display only projects applicable to them, filtering either the categories (Football, Rugby, Tennis etc.), the number of columns used for the installation or the floodlight quantity.
This information can be used to allow users to see more types of floodlight installation, and to hopefully give Sports Clubs or individuals an idea of what system they may like installed at their premises.

Floodlighting Guide

We have created a floodlighting guide that can be accessed from the website @ We are also a proud author of the WRU Floodlighting guide, tailored more specifically towards Rugby Ground floodlighting.


You don’t have to trawl through our list of projects to find our photographs either, you can now access our photographs in the Gallery.
The Other Projects gallery displays some of the different lighting projects we have undertaken on bridges, churches and a lake for example.


Contacting Us

As usual we can be contacted using our email, telephone and fax details found on the contact page, but now there are also two contact forms on our website that can be used too.

For general questions or for quick contact with us please use the small form on the home page or for a full enquiry on floodlighting then the form on the contact page is the best one to use. The main form highlights the various pieces of information we would ask of you if you called up and spoke in person, including lighting level required (if known), if a suitable power supply is available and simply at what stage is your project – for example planning acquired, design stage or even just repair/maintenance.

Other News

The Swansea Liberty Stadium project is nearing its end, meaning some shiny new photographs will soon make their way to our Website, Twitter and of course this blog.

We have decided however to try and take some more photographs of other projects we have done in the past and in most cases, continue to maintain. The days are long during the summer months so we have included some of our daytime photographs for the website, allowing us to give you more of an idea of the variety of facilities we floodlight. An example of this from the past week includes a trip to Llanwern High School (Formerly Hartridge),where we have floodlit a Grass Football Pitch (4 columns & 32 floodlights), a 3G Football facility (6 columns & 22 floodlights) as well as a small MUGA (multi use games area – 2 columns & 4 floodlights).

Llanwern High School Floodlighting

As we visited the Newport area, we also took a visit to some of our other facilities including Newport Stadium and the FAW Headquarters (Grass pitch & 3G pitch).

We already have professional night-time photographs of these locations but took some new daytime material nonetheless, as we aim to update some of the images in the Services section of the website as soon as possible.

The final facility we visited during the week was the University of South Wales Sport Park at Tyn Y Wern.

We have installed and currently maintain all floodlighting at this facility which includes several different pitches including a 3G Football Pitch, Astro Turf Pitch and Football & Rugby Floodlit Pitches.

The newly added photographs are now on show in our gallery, and can also be found using our projects page.

University of South Wales Sport Park