Goings On..

We are currently undergoing a website revamp, getting the faults from the current website fixed and giving the site a more modern feel.

Website Sneak Peak

Preview of our website revamp!

Here’s a sneak peak for you above, we hope to get the website totally replaced as soon as possible!
We’ve updated the list of projects, added some new images and given the place a new lease of life. Some changes include the projects area where a rather serious fault was found, where the user could not navigate past page 1 on the alphabetical lists or when categorised. The new website projects page includes a sort/filter panel on the side which allows you to display projects by a particular sport, by how many floodlighting columns they have or by how many floodlights were used. Not all projects have the information available but we will do our best to give you all the information we can!

Other Goings On..

We have been really busy during January/early February mostly taking down all the Christmas decorations we put up, teamed with the backlog of work over our Christmas break!
Although we’re getting back on track now, and also have a bit of a side project going on too..

Lake Lighting & Electrical

The company has been developing the project of a Trade Counter service under the company name of Lake Lighting and Electrical. The counter is situated amongst our collection of warehouse units at The Woodlands, Pontyclun, South Wales and will be selling an all manner of items (examples below) so please pop along and take a look!

Lake Lighting and Electrical

Hopefully the trade counter will be fully open from Monday 17th February onwards.
Stay tuned for any updates, as a website is also being put in place for Lake Lighting & Electrical!

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 pm.